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Initial Public Offerings (Primary Market) has always been a favorable market to investors, regardless of individual or institutional investors. As there is a general discount to the value of the companies in primary and secondary markets, potential companies that are going to be listed usually attract hundreds of billions of investments, which reflect the acceptance and earning power of such companies.

The performance of the newly listed companies depends much on the business nature other influencing factors include listing price, the market sentiment during listing, and even the reputation of the underwriter and strategic investors. Initial Public Offering can be categorized into International offering and public offering. International offering caters the request from institutional investors such as mutual funds, insurance companies, large investment firms and sovereign investment funds of a state. Public offering is open to individuals or legal entities. The initial ratio of International Offering to Individual Offering is in a ratio of 9 to 1, but can be rescheduled to a highest ratio of 1 to 1 according to the rate of over subscription of the public offering.