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Hong Kong had established its first formal stock market since 1891. There are a total of 1,145 companies listed on main board and 193 companies listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) till 2009. Hong Kong is currently the world's largest financing market and derivatives market in the world. In 2009, the financing scale has reached over HK$ 247.3 billion in which retaining its position as the first transactions in the world.

1. Rich in Product Types
There are various product types in the Hong Kong stocks market. Investors can trade in securities, bonds, warrants, CBBCs, exchange traded funds (ETFs), the Hang Seng Index futures, China Enterprises Index futures, Hang Seng Index options, the Hong Kong dollar interest rate futures and other investments products.

2. High in Liquidity, with Market Width and Depth
Hong Kong stock market has more than 100 years of history and well developed. It has a large number of professional or institutional investors with sound investment styles, which made the stock prices has a higher degree of correlation with investment value.

3. T+0 Trading
Investors can buy and sell a specific stock in the same day. You can stop loss in the same day when the market is falling or you can sell it as to take the profit in the same day when the market is rising.

4. Leverage Trading
There are several leveraged investment products in the stock market such as warrants and CBBCs. Investors can use just a small portion of the required fund which offers you an opportunity to diversify your portfolio by freeing up more capital for alternative trades and magnify your return on investment from the fluctuation market.